Hotmail is a free email service operated by Microsoft Corporation which serves millions of users. Hotmail has undergone a lot of changes over the last decade and it provides with a variety of options and constant update. It has integrated the email service with various features. But sometimes Hotmail not receiving emails issue can be really frustrating and time-consuming.

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The issue of Hotmail not receiving emails can occur because of lack of communication between Hotmail and the outgoing mail server. Usually, the email gets stuck in outbox because Hotmail cannot connect to your mail server. And also to make sure that your account settings are correct you can compare the settings in your Mail app to the settings in your Mail account. You can go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords and tap your email account. Click on your email account next to Account and see the accounting information such as incoming and outgoing mail servers.


Try the following instructions to overcome the issue of Hotmail not receiving emails.

  1. Add the sender’s email address to your contacts list after logging into your Hotmail Account.
  2. Click on Options>Mail>Junk E-mail Protection>Safe List. Click ‘Add’ after typing the sender’s domain.
  3. Once you have added the sender to your Safe List you should be able to receive all the emails.

In case after following the above steps it is taking a while to receive emails, then you must check the basic settings of Hotmail.

It is proposed to log into your Hotmail Account and click on Options>Junk E-mail Protection>Junk E-mail Filter and make sure that your filter is set to low.

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