Hotmail Login/Sign: Do you remember Hotmail? What happens when you type in the address bar of your browser to access your emails? It will redirect you to where you can login to your account. It is because is now

Hotmail was one of the most trusted email system two decades ago. The service was launched in 1996. Hotmail was the brainchild of two geniuses named Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. It was an amazing email service for the people around the world. The email service enabled people to access their inbox from anywhere in the world. Previously email users were not able to login to their email accounts from any computer in the world. Features like this made Hotmail famous and the most used email program around the world.

Features of

Following are the highlight features of Hotmail.

  • People find users interface of Hotmail visually compelling and very friendly.
  • You can show various services offered by simply clicking 9 small squares on the upper left side of the page. The first thing you see on the page is icon. You can also see People icon and there is also Hotmail calendar icon. You should now that Hotmail Calendar is a very useful feature offered by Microsoft for subscribers. It can help you keep your things managed and organized. OneDrive is another very useful feature you can find in Whatever you store in OneDrive is accessible through any computer in the world.
  • You don’t have to worry about the security because Hotmail features the A-level security feature. The security feature is not only for login sessions but also when your browse, read and send emails.
  • There are free web apps which you can use to view, edit and share office documents. The best thing about this feature is that you can edit documents without even downloading them. You simply have to email a document to yourself and then you can access it from any computer because the document will be available on Hotmail cloud.
  • com also has a search button which users can use to search anything like an email buried under thousands of other emails. In addition, managing emails in is extremely easy now thanks to the folder list under the search box.
    Additional Features
  • Need to compose a new message in You simply have to click (+) sign to open new message window. Just provide the email address of the receiver, enter the subject of the email, type your message in the body and click Send button.
  • Do you know that allows you send up to 10 GB file in a single mail after integration of Hotmail with Skydrive. It becomes possible because the file is hosted on the Skydrive service. The person you send large file to receives only the URL of the file. He can download the file and he is not required to have a Skydrive account.
  • Skype is the video calling service offered by Microsoft. You can use the service using your or account.
  • There is also a filter option which you can use to filter emails.
  • What if you only want to see emails with photos or attached documents. Well, there is a way to do that. Simply click the Photos link or just click on Documents to view emails with photos or documents.
  • Auto-complete feature is a very useful feature in Hotmail. You type a few letters and a list of suggestions is displayed.
  • Click “Options” if you want to know what else Hotmail has to offer. There you can also find sign out options.

How to Login Account

Accessing Hotmail email account is very easy. First of all, you need to launch the Internet browser you have installed on your computer.

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Navigate to Wait for the sign in page to open and when it does you will see two text fields, one for username and other for password. First enter your email address and then password in the given text fields. You need to make sure that the email address you enter ends in You must enter correct email address and password because if you don’t you will not be able to log in. There is also a keep me “Signed In” option If you check this option you will remain signed in to your Hotmail account. But you should only check this option if you are using your personal computer and not shared computer.


Still, don’t have Hotmail account, click here to sign up for email service.

Hotmail Password Reset

Go to and click “Forgot my password” link given on the page. On the next page you will choose “I forgot my password”. Enter Captcha code and you will be given a few options from which you choose one to recover your Hotmail account. If you choose to recover your password through email then a recovery code will be sent to the recovery email address you gave at the time of creating you Hotmail account. Retrieve the code and select the option “I have code” and enter the code. If you enter the correct code, you will be prompted to set a new password for your Hotmail account. To know more about password resetting, read this article.


Those who haven’t set their recovery options will select “I don’t have access to any of this”. You will provide another email in the text field named “Where should we contact you”. First they will verify your account information. You can create new password after the account is verified.

What is Hotmail Messenger

Hotmail Messenger or MSN Messenger or Live Messenger is a service of Microsoft. There was a time when the service was used worldwide and at one time it was one of the popular services of its kind. People mainly use the app to communicate with other people online. Using the Hotmail Messenger, you can send and share text messages, pictures and customized messages. You must login first to Hotmail Messenger in order to be able to use it. Choose a username for Hotmail Messenger. You can use the service in English and a number of other languages.


Hotmail Support & Customer Care

Need to contact Hotmail Support & Customer Care? Sometimes we face issues with our Hotmail account. So we contact Hotmail support or Hotmail customer care for the solution of the problem. For instance, if you cannot access your Hotmail account or you cannot see your contacts then contacting Hotmail support or Hotmail customer care can be helpful. You better access Hotmail Help which is a quick way to access Hotmail support.


Simply go to Click your name in the upper right corner and then create profile. Choose a name and accept the terms and conditions. On the next page, you need to select Outlook email. You will see various topics from which you will choose the one that concerns you. Different topics are people and contact, email, outlook preview, tasks, messaging etc. Just choose the topic and visit the forum where you can get help from experts.

What is Hotmail Email Service

Hotmail email service or now Outlook email service is a popular email service worldwide. Hotmail, Live email or Outlook ID are a must if you need to sign in to Hotmail email service. The email service is popular because it offers a number of features such as spam filtering features, anti-virus features, sweep features, prompt action etc. Filtering emails is an amazing feature included in Hotmail email service. You get all the unread email by simply clicking “Unread”. You can also get all the emails containing pictures or emails with attached documents. Using the “Sweep” feature you can block emails from senders of your choice.


How to Delete Hotmail Account

Log in to your Hotmail account. Click your name in the top right and choose “Account Settings” from the menu that appears. A new page will appear on which you will select “Security & Privacy”. Next choose “More security options” from “Account Security” heading. You will be prompted to verify via security code sent to your mobile. If successful, you will be taken to a new page at the bottom of which you will find the option “Close your account”. Confirm your action and click on “Next” button. Next you will see different options and each option has a checkbox. Check all the boxes and click ‘Next’. You will be notified that you can open your account within two months. Click ‘Done’. The account is deleted but you still have two months just in case you change your mind. But remember, after two months or sixty days you won’t be able to access your account.

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Tutorials for Users

Windows Live Hotmail in Outlook Express

There is a way following which you can access Windows Live Hotmail in Outlook Express. It becomes possible only if you use free POP settings. This is the only way to access Hotmail mail in Outlook Express.


Access Windows Live Hotmail with Mac OS X Mail

Now you can read Windows Live Hotmail messages within Mac OS X Mail thanks to the freely available POP or IMAP settings.


Bookmark Your MSN Hotmail Inbox

Bookmarking your MSN Hotmail Inbox is very easy. If you just bookmark your MSN Hotmail Inbox, you don’t have to enter your login information each time you want to access your MSN Hotmail Inbox.


Fancy Fonts in Windows Live Hotmail Email

Want customized and fancy fonts to compose an email? This is an amazing feature using which you can compose new emails in fancy fonts.


Search Mail in Windows Live Hotmail

Searching a mail in Windows Live Hotmail is very easy. Using this feature you can search a mail buried under thousands of emails.

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