The Hotmail accounts were the most popular for years ... until the arrival of Gmail.

They are still fully operational, and Microsoft allows you to continue creating new accounts. But it does not promote them, and it has integrated Hotmail in Outlook. Even if you are using a Hotmail account , the interface of the mail manager is that of Outlook.

If you have an account of this type and you have decided that you no longer need it, we will show you how to cancel and close a Hotmail account .


Many people abandon email accounts that they no longer use, but it is not a good idea. The messages are kept and can be spied on or stolen, and someone can hack the account and use it for all kinds of bad things. The most sensible thing is to close it, so that all the messages are erased and thus prevent others from using it. This is how a Hotmail account is canceled .Access the account

To access your Hotmail account, you must do so through the general Microsoft account website .

Log in with your HotMail account :

If you do not have one, you can create it directly from this same window, by clicking on Create one .


Cancel the account

Once inside your account, you will see that it is now called Outlook , even if you are using a Hotmail account . Tap the profile icon, in the upper right corner, and choose View Account , to access the main options. In the blue bar that appears, click on Security:

On the next screen, tap the tiny link at the bottom, More security options :

Hotmail will ask for your Hotmail password again, and it is possible that you send a verification code to the other email associated with the account, so that you can prove your identity. Once the process is completed, you will access the advanced security options . Scroll down and look for the Close your account section :

Click on Close my account to access a warning screen:

It explains that you must cancel your subscriptions , if you have them, and close balances and payments associated with the account. If you use your mobile as a security system , you must click on Disable it here to release it. You must also select Create an automatic response to write a closing notice that will be sent to any email address that attempts to contact you.


Finally, when you have finished, click Next to complete the closing of the Hotmail account .

In case you regret it, Microsoft will close the account but will not erase it until after 60 days. Before those two months you can go back in and retrieve it. After 60 days, it will be permanently deleted.The best questions and answers from Yahoo Answers (23)

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