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Hotmail is one of the most popular and used email platforms around the world, founded by Sabeer Bhatiaand Jack Smith in 1996, being one of the first web-based services for free, it is currently available for the world in 36 languages ​​with a considerable number of users that with the passage of time grows attesting to the quality service provided.


Its service has storage space with patented security measures, with development techniques to create interactive applications impacting on improvements in interactivity, speed and use of the proper applications, it is also integrated with Windows Live Messenger that allows you a communication instant with one more users at the same time, Spaces platform for blogs, Calendar, Contacts, access to other computer services such as: skype, skydrive , office 2013 , windows 8, ofice360 and much more.

By accessing the main Hotmail page , you will find instructions that will help you create your account and thus be able to access each of the benefits that represent being part of the Outlook family , as it is currently known; although name change due to the update of @hotmail accounts, @live in a single, so-called, in order to counteract other direct powers such as Gmail, through improvements in favor of providing a better service.

How to create your Hotmail account

  • Create Hotmail email is very easy, just enter Hotmail create email account
  • follow the instructions, in the option Do not have an account? Create a
  • diligence the form correctly
  • you accept the Microsoft Services Agreement and the privacy and cookies declaration
  • click on create account and ready is everything

You are already registered with your own account as a Hotmail or Outlook user, being able to make use of the many advantages that you represent to be part of this company.

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